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Friendship 7

50 years ago John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth. Relive his three-orbit mission with exclusive access to over 4 hours of rare video, plus the complete audio from the onboard recorder and the flight director's loop recorded in mission control. Also included are the photos taken by Glenn during the mission, and an interactive detailed explanation of the spacecraft control panel. You'll experience the mission of Friendship 7 as never before. Available in the App Store

For Technical Support:

Friendship 7 - Mercury Spacecraft #13

Examine the view from inside the Mercury-Atlas 6 Spacecraft - McDonnell's Mercury Spacecraft #13. You can touch each indicator to view its function. Exploring the spacecraft gives you an excellent view of the Mercury systems before moving on to the mission material, especially the audio tracks from the onboard recorder and the flight director's loop.

View Pad 14 as it stood in 2009

View HD video of Launch Complex 14 at Cape Canaveral - the pad that launched Friendship 7 and John Glenn, and all of the Mercury-Atlas missions.

35mm photographs taken during the mission

Browse the 35mm photographs taken during the mission. Where possible they have been identified as to orbit and location.

Hear the complete onboard recorder audio

Glenn's mission lasted about 5 hours. The Friendship 7 app contains the complete onboard recording during the mission, presented to enable you to access it at any point, and monitor the progress of the spacecraft as they did from the Mercury Mission Control Center.

Hear the complete flight director's loop

As with the onboard recorder audio, you can get another sense of the mission by listening to the flight director's loop. Chris Kraft was the flight director for this mission, and this recording demonstrates what the mission was like back at the Mercury Mission Control Center.

Over 4 hours of rare video

Your Wifi connection (required to view video) brings you comprehensive audio and video from the mission, including:

The April 9, 1959 press conference announcing the selection of the original 7 Mercury astronauts.

Footage from the arrival of Atlas 109D, checkout of the booster, erection on the pad, placing of the spacecraft on the launch vehicle. Audio for this track features engineers involved in the development and launch of the Atlas.

Preparation of the spacecraft, checkout, retrorocket installation, painting of the Friendship 7 insignia on the spacecraft, weight and balance checks. Audio is from a preflight interview with Dr. Robert Voas, Astronaut Training Officer.

Footage from a flight simulation (conducted on the pad) for MA-6. Audio is from a preflight interview with John Glenn.

Footage of the prime (Glenn) and backup (Carpenter) astronaut during altitude chamber testing of the spacecraft. Audio contains excerpts from the April, 1962 symposium on the results of the mission.

Breakfast, suitup, ingress to the spacecraft for the January 27 launch scrub. This track is silent.

Breakfast, suitup, transfer to pad, ingress on launch day, February 20, 1962. Audio is from an interview with Dr. William K. Douglas, the physician for the original 7 astronauts.

Six different views of the launch of Friendship 7.

The complete footage from the pilot observation camera onboard the spacecraft, with audio from the air to ground transmissions. From a recent digital transfer of the film, much better than the quality has been in the past.

Footage from the Mercury Control Center during the flight. Audio is an interview with flight director Chris Kraft.

Recovery of Friendship 7, including footage from the U.S.S. Noa (recovery destroyer), U.S.S. Randolph, and Grand Turk Island. Audio is air to ground communication during recovery.

Footage of the ticker-tape parade held in New York City on March 1, 1962.

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