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First Landing: Now Available

The first lunar landing attempt on Apollo 11 was a journey into the unknown. Flying a craft that had only been flown manned on two previous missions, and never before lower than within 50,000 feet of the lunar surface, the first landing demonstrated the sound design and precision planning necessary to make a successful final approach to a new world.

For Technical Support:

Landing Visualization

The centerpiece of this app is a visualization of the landing from before powered descent initiation (a little over a minute before) through T-1 after landing. Using the 16mm footage from the LMP window as a baseline, the display presents altitude, altitude rate, selected indicators, engine thrust, DSKY displays, ground track, spacecraft attitude, mission time, event time (since ignition), as well as captions for the audio mix of air-to-ground, onboard and the flight director loop.

Descriptions of Eagle's hardware are extensive, giving you an overview of the vehicle used to implement the methods of landing.

Learn how the DSKY operated in the lunar module for the descent to the surface.

Detailed information on the trajectory of Eagle from lunar orbit to the surface.

A unique, animated, annotated look a the final approach.





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